Court closures...

Maureen Welsh

New member
May 20, 2020
With the court closures in the UK, when will I get paid? I had engaged with a solicitor to recover a huge sum just a few days before lockdown…


Staff member
May 13, 2019
Covid-19 has and continues to have wide-reaching financial impacts on all industries. Taking this into consideration then you have two key issues that are impacting on your solicitor debt recovery processes. Firstly, it is likely that your solicitors will not be working or operating on a reduced service. You should try and communicate with them and see what impact this is having on your case and get them to confirm timescales for things happening. However, in normal times the legal process of debt recovery does, unfortunately, take a considerably longer than pre-litigation debt recovery.

Secondly, the government and some additional legislations that have been introduced ask that you exhaust all possible avenues for payment including a repayment plan before embarking on-court action. Therefore it may we be your solicitor's intention to avoid this ending up in court without having tried a number of options.

All that been said it is still possible to issue and service a claim. If no defence is lodged, then you can ask for judgment. If a defence is filed, then the case will be transferred to a local court which will give directions on the steps to be taken leading up to a final hearing. Only essential hearings are currently being conducted, although in some cases the Courts have been willing to hear cases via video links such as Skype, Teams and Zoom if it is critical.